Nowadays, our facilities have progressed a lot, having 8.000 m2 with last machinery to deal with the new market demands. Our product, which is made in our own facilities, is a result of our productive process that consists of transforming the leather in its totality. This means, that we are the first ones on working with it and it arrives to us in a pure nature state.

Todos los

From the first treatment until the latest finishes…Curtidos Requena offers the top quality leather.
The whole sector is in a continuous evolution, in a continuous mutation. Everyday we have to deal with new challenges because of the demands and the new ideas of our designers. Many designs that in the past were inconceivable nowadays can be designed and made.

Every season we create new collections and new brand references, colours and finishes.

We are manufacters

Technology is used, but leather process requires of a manual intervention for the high level of searched quality of our product

We are I+D+I

We hardly believe  in technology innovation. Therefore our company evolution keep on searching the new technology for the new finishes. That´s why we inlcude the laser technology  which provide us perfect finished for our customers.

Our items and products express loyally our respect policy for the environment

We can demonstrate it as we are members of many projects of I+D+I also known as "DIFCONSHOES" where a lot of enterprises and institutions work together for creating  biodegradable shoes. Moreover, we are also joined in the CRAFT PROJECT Nº BE-S2-5594 titled “NEW INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES FOR LEATHER TANNING USING NON-POLLUTANT NATURAL PRINCIPLES”

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